Friday, May 18, 2012

Seeking (Fearless) Directors

Let me just start by saying that reading all of the submissions we've received has been a lengthy, rewarding, and absolutely terrifying experience. There are some twisted minds out there, writing some truly horrifying scripts. (Horrifying in a good way. Mostly.) I've been really impressed, not only with the quality of the writing, but with the variety of ideas. We've got vampires, we've got zombies, we've got ghosts, we've got psycho killers! Oh, my!

The problem is, of course, we've got a lot more scripts than we can reasonably cram into one evening. Miss Sardonicus and I have been consoling ourselves with the knowledge that even if we can't use a piece for our first event - which will be Tuesday, July 17 - we can hold onto the scripts for a future event. One goal is to have a monthly reading series for new works, and we've probably got enough scripts already to run one for six months.

Writers, you still have until May 31 to submit their scripts, but we are starting to narrow down the (very large) submission pool we already have, and we have a few scripts that have risen to the top of the list. Our next step is to pair our favorite pieces with qualified directors. If you are interested in directing, you can send your resume to: If you're not sold on the idea, here's some more information:

  • Free of conflicts for Tuesday, July 17, and Monday, July 16.
  • Willing to direct with no expectation of payment. (See below for what you can expect.)
  • Willing to find your own rehearsal space / rehearse in your apartment. We'll try to help, but the only space we're providing is for the auditions (date TBA), for the performance, and for tech rehearsal the evening prior.
  • Personal traits: Organized, consistent, punctual, and ridiculously brave.
  • Ability to catch bullets in your teeth, and leap tall buildings in a single bound.*
* Preferred, but not required.

You do not necessarily need directing experience to direct a reading for La Petite Morgue. If you have previous experience as an actor, assistant director, stage manager, production assistant, etc., go ahead and send us your resume so we can set up a meeting with you! Everyone has to start somewhere, and a reading of a play 3-15 minutes long is as good a place as any. 

What We're Offering:
  • You will not get stuck directing a script you don't like. We will let you read a variety of scripts and you can let us know if there's one that screams "YOU MUST DIRECT ME" at you. And if there isn't, no hard feelings. We'll keep you on file for next time.
  • Real lights and sound. The space has an actual light board and sound board, and an operator to run them. No need to bring your own heat lamps or run the sound cues off your iPod.
  • We will do our best to help you find your cast, but you are under no obligation to use "our" actors. If you have friends you want to work with, you can skip the auditions and recruit them.
  • You determine your own rehearsal schedule, with the exception of July 16-17. If you and your cast want to meet on Tuesday nights at midnight, that's fine with us.
  • You get to see the other shows for free. Depending on how fundraising goes, you might even be able to bring a guest.
  • Our undying gratitude.*
  • A credit on your resume. You can say that you directed a reading in Manhattan! (You don't have to tell anyone that you did it in exchange for a Bloody Mary and a high five.
  • A Bloody Mary and a high five.
* Previously defined here.

Playwrights who have already submitted, please note: We will not be notifying the playwrights whose work we want to accept until we have secured directors for their pieces. So, it couldn't hurt to send this information to your director friends, if they live in the NYC area. Just sayin'.

What can I say? We hope that you will consider directing for La Petite Morgue. We would hate for you to miss out on the fun.

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