Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plans for the Future

Chelsea and I - okay, mostly Chelsea - spent a lot of time crafting our Mission Statement. And it talks a little bit about the kinds of things that we want La Petite Morgue to produce. But since it was a Mission Statement, it's full of big words and vague promises, and not a lot of specifics. Since we're about to launch into hardcore fundraising mode, I thought it would be a good idea to share with everyone some more specific ideas that we have four our inaugural season.

Please keep in mind that these are just ideas. Some of them will be too expensive to do right away. Some of them may prove to be impossible, no matter how much money we raise. At this point, they're just Pipe Dreams - or pipe nightmares...? What I'm trying to say is: We are not making any promises.

Fresh Blood: The Reading Series

The idea: The Fresh Blood Fundraiser (on July 17!) is just the first step. We want Fresh Blood to be a monthly phenomenon!*  We've also thought about coming up with a theme for each month. One month could feature Adaptations of Classic Horror Stories, the next month could be shows that all have Creepy Children, and the month after that could have a theme like "Blood & Rage".*

Feasibility: We've already received enough quality horror & suspense scripts to fill 90 minutes at least six times. And we've got plenty of talented performers to read them. All we need is the money to rent the performance space. Which... fuck, space is expensive! The money we raise is going to determine whether we hold our Reading Series in a theatre, or under a bridge in Central Park.

I Love You To Death: A Valentine's Day Cabaret (of Murder Ballads)

The idea: Have you ever noticed how many great songs there are about murdering an unrequited love, a former lover, and/or his or her new flame? Because there are a lot. Voltaire's "Ex-Lover's Lover". At least two songs by the Beatles. "The Plans We Made". To celebrate Valentine's Day 2013, La Petite Morgue wants to gather a bunch of talented singers and musicians and toast your Bloody Valentine - or, help you drown your sorrows in blood and guts!

Feasibility: Have you ever tried to book a venue on Valentine's Day? We may end up celebrating at midnight the night before. But other than that small concern, this is the most feasible idea on the list, and the most likely to come to fruition.

Envy the Dead: A Post-Zombie-Apocalypse Musical by Kellie Powell

The idea: I'm writing a zombie musical, despite not having the ability to compose music. But that's okay, right? Someone else can do that part. Right?

Feasibility: As of now, I've written 35 pages of dialogue and lyrics. And my pal Alex from the Zombie Mafia has written power chords for the opening number, in which people sing about fighting zombies while actually fighting zombies. So, it's coming along. Will it ever get finished? Will it ever be produced? That really all depends on how much help and funding I'm able to secure. But I feel optimistic about it. Everyone loves zombies, right?

Stephen King's Misery, On Stage

The idea: Misery is a great movie, and it might make a fantastic live show. It takes place mostly in one location, and has a very small cast. If you thought it was creepy on a screen, think how creepy it would be to watch that plot unfold live in front of your eyes.

Feasibility: We're still looking into whether or not it's possible to obtain the rights to adapt it. However, it looks like people have done it before, which would indicate it is possible to do (without getting sued).  

Die Hipster, Die!

The idea: Well, basically, it would be like Invasion of the Body-Snatchers, but with hipsters.

Feasibility: That depends on whether we decide it's a live show, a video series, an ARG, or a podcast. Or all of the above.

Of course, we have lots and lots of other ideas, too. (At some point, we'd like to stage an exorcism.) But those will have to wait. Right now, I've got to get back to concentrating on the tasks immediately at hand - reading script submissions, screening directors, and looking for the cheapest possible space to hold auditions. Until next time - see you in your nightmares!*

* Yes, just like our periods. What? You know you were thinking the same thing.

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