About Us

Who We Are

Artistic Director - Chelsea Holland
Executive Director - Kellie Powell 
Director of Development - Ava Rosenblatt 
Artistic Associates - Lisa Huberman and Amanda White

Our Mission

The live experience is like no other. Horror movies, while scary, keep the audience at a safe distance. LA PETITE MORGUE doesn’t want you to feel safe. With a live performance, you never know what can happen, the show is never the same twice, and you never know when the actors might break the fourth wall and force you out of your comfort zone. 

People have been telling spooky stories in the dark for hundreds of years. LA PETITE MORGUE deeply respects this most ancient of traditions, and is excited to present new and classic “campfire tales” in a more immersive, theatrical way. We aim to combine the interactive haunted house experience with the live stage experience, and in doing so, reach theatre fans who are scared of horror and horror fans who are scared of theatre. 

LA PETITE MORGUE is thrilled to work with talented contemporary playwrights who use the horror genre to explore taboo topics in distinctive ways. We are also eager to revive the classic works of renowned masters and mistresses of horror for a contemporary audience. By collaborating with a variety of artists and existing groups, LA PETITE MORGUE plans to create a unique and multidisciplinary nexus for artistic expression and philosophical exchange.

LA PETITE MORGUE finds inspiration in everything from Victorian ghost stories to "The Twilight Zone" to contemporary so-called ‘torture porn’… and all the things that lurk in between. We can’t wait to test your character, push your limits and allow you to explore (and potentially overcome!) your fears in a cathartic way. In other words... New Yorkers, we can’t wait to scare the hell out of you.