Thursday, August 14, 2014

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get more involved at LPM? Right now, we need volunteers to: 
  • Scout locations for upcoming events, shows, and parties. 
  • Help us write and shoot a series of short videos encouraging people to donate and help fund live horror. 
  • Sell program ads to local businesses, or arrange for trades - we'll give them a program ad in exchange for free rehearsal space, program printing, etc. 
  • Design merchandise for our SpreadShirt store, and create stickers and other swag we can sell or give to donors. 
  • Create flyers and postcards for upcoming events. 
  • Solicit donations that can be used as donor incentives and gifts from horror-themed businesses and service providers (i.e. "Donate $25 to La Petite Morgue and receive a Zombie Mafia CD"). 
  • Design a new template/layout for our website/blog,tumblr, etc. 
  • Blog about horror - most importantly, live horror - and help us build our blog's readership. 
  • Preview and review upcoming horror events in local and online media. 
  • Represent La Petite Morgue at horror conventions and other events. 
If any of this appeals to you, please write to: - send a short note telling us about your relevant skills and what kind of project you would like to take on.

Most of these projects can be done from the comfort of your own home or office, and they don't take a big time commitment. If you are a student, we are willing to fill out the necessary paperwork so you can earn school credit. We are also willing to write you a glowing letter of recommendation if that would be useful. (If that wouldn't be useful, we will buy you a pizza and some beer, which we're pretty sure is useful to everyone.)