Please Give Us Money

Unfortunately, it is very expensive to create live horror in NYC. (At least, to create live horror that the fans can actually survive.) We started La Petite Morgue so that we would have an artistic outlet for our inner murderesses... but running this organization is a lot more expensive than stalking, kidnapping, and murdering the citizens of New York. La Petite Morgue has expenses - but don't worry! You can help.

Save Lives! Donate to La Petite Morgue!

Help fund The Best of Fresh Blood - coming Summer 2014 - with a donation to our Indie-Go-Go Campaign!

Or donate to our General Operating Fund:

All donors receive:
  • Acknowledgement on our blog
  • Acknowledgement in event programs through 2013
  • Our undying gratitude and admiration.*
* We guarantee that we will not, under any circumstances, axe-murder you!

Donate $35 or more to join La Petite Morgue's Sanguine Society. 

Sanguine Society members are the life-blood (get it?) of our organization! Membership is $35 a year, and you will receive special acknowledgement in our materials, free admission to our performances and events, and access to exclusive La Petite Morgue events and merchandise. You even get a membership card to put in your wallet.

Your donation will go towards:

  • Renting performance and rehearsal space
  • Printing and copying scripts
  • Printing and copying posters, postcards, business cards, and other publicity materials for events
  • Printing event programs
  • Renting a Post Office Box so we don't have to give our home address to people who are creepier than we are
  • Production royalties - because we may be psycho killers, but we're not plagiarists.
  • Domain registration and web hosting
  • Paying directors, playwrights, actors, designers, and staff (someday, in the potentially distant future)
  • Bringing horror to life in NYC

We promise we won't spend your money on:

  • Alcohol
  • Our rent or other living expenses
  • Legal fees incurred due to our sick sense of humor

Other Ways to Help Us:

  • Buy Us Something from Amazon
  • Donate space, printing, paper, or props we need
  • Donate a prize or gift certificate that we can offer to donors
  • Volunteer your technical, design, or marketing skillz