Thursday, August 29, 2013

News From Our Performers & Writers

It's a busy time of year for La Petite Morgue's actors and playwrights! In addition to the latest installment of FRESH BLOOD on September 4 at Happy Ending, these are a few shows this month featuring familiar faces:
  • Adriana Jones opens her one-woman show Vivien On the Rocks on September 5 at Theatre Row.
  • Amanda Berry is performing in The Oedipus Project with New Light Theater, September 5-15.
  • Lisa Huberman's LIFE PLAY premieres as part of the new competitive one-act festival at The Secret Theatre, September 6, 8, 13 & 15. Lisa is the author of Heart/Succor and Ghost-Busted, as well as an LPM guest-blogger.
  • Joe Brofcak's I Can Build You will be presented by the Endangered Artists Sanctuary, September 11-15 at the Producers Club. You may remember Joe's plays In Sickness, Endless Tomorrows, and/or The State. I Can Build You is directed by frequent-Fresh-Blooder Yuriy Pavlish, and the cast includes Joe Caintic and Aaron Kapner.
I also want to mention that The Dead Dream Machine is playing September 18 - October 13 at La Luz. Make sure you check it out - us horror people have to stick together.

Are you involved with a show this month in the NYC area that you'd like us to mention? Drop us a line at:

And don't forget to submit your ghostly new short plays for FRESH BLOOD: Conversations With Dead People. The deadline to submit is September 21, and the selected plays will be read on October 2.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Upcoming "Fresh Blood" Reading Events

Hey, writers! You only have two days left to submit your short "Break-Ups From Hell" horror play for us to read at Fresh Blood on Wednesday, September 7

We're also accepting plays to read at Fresh Blood on Wednesday, October 2, when our theme will be "Conversations With Dead People". The deadline for that theme isn't until September 21. Even if you don't have a short horror play with ghosts in it just lying around, you still have time to write one especially for us!

We at La Petite Morgue are always accepting submissions for our Fresh Blood Reading Series, which takes place the first Wednesday night of each month at 8pm at Happy Ending Lounge. Please read our full submission guidelines and send your submission to:

And don't forget to join us for Fresh Blood: Break-Ups From Hell on Wednesday, September 7 at 8:00, which will feature In The Basement by Julia Rae Maldonado. You get to see our lovely acting ensemble read new works of horror, drink, and give us your opinion on the ones you'd like to see us produce. There is no charge for admission, and it's a great way to get involved in making horror happen in NYC.

Until then - stay scary, New York!