Thursday, September 27, 2012

Party of the Living Dead

The venue? Legends Bar, downstairs at 6 W. 33rd Street, near the Empire State Building. Legends offers a full menu, so you can eat, drink, and be scary!

We've arranged for an original drink special, the Zombie Attack - $6 - it's made with whiskey and it's red like blood!

We've got musical entertainment by the criminally talented band PEACHES & CRIME. (And we've got a spooky soundtrack of recorded scary songs to play during their breaks.)

We've got volunteer make-up artists to help attendees transform themselves from fleshy zombie bait into rotting undead specimens!

We've got prizes galore - including sweet Troma SWAG! You'll be able to compete for "Best Costume" or "Funniest Zombie" - or be chosen randomly for a door prize.

But there's more! From 10pm to 11pm, we will be offering The Zombie Bite Booth. Yes, just like Kissing Booths of yore, the Zombie Bite Booth will be your chance to get a piece of thrilling zombie action - for only $1.00! Get a once-in-a-lifetime experience - and a photo to go with it!

We hope to see you this Saturday night! The fun begins at 8pm. Admission: $7 for zombies, and $10 for humans. All proceeds go towards La Petite Morgue's inaugural season.