Thursday, May 22, 2014

Auditions for The Best of Fresh Blood

Are you an actor who is interested in performing in the Best of Fresh Blood Festival, this July 17-19? Good news! The directors will be holding auditions by appointment on Sunday afternoon, June 8. If you are interested in booking an audition slot, you'll write to: and send us:

  • Your head-shot/photo
  • Your acting/theatre resume
  • A short message, detailing your availability on Sunday, June 8 in the afternoon (approx. 1pm - 5pm)
We'll respond with an audition time and location. At the audition, you'll perform a short (90-120 second) monologue. You may also be asked to read sides, but we will do our best to send those to you ahead of time. 

If you are not available on June 8, you can still be considered for casting. You should still send us your photo and resume, and if possible, send us a short video of yourself performing a monologue - ideally a horror-related one, where you show us how scared or scary you can be!

The Plays & Characters:

Tipperary by Christopher Krovatin, directed by Chelsea Holland
Diana - A woman in her 20s/30s, who enjoys attempting to enact complicated sexual fantasies involving a psychotic killer with her husband.
Nick - Her husband, who tries his best, but has a hard time understanding Diana's macabre obsession.

The Catch by Ria Hill, directed by Jolene Noelle
Katie - A very religious, very emotional young woman in her 20s.
Travis - Her agnostic boyfriend, attempting to comfort her.
[Read Excerpt]

Parasite by Eric LaRocca
Lucie - 25-35, a lesbian, attempting to persuade her former lover to divorce.
Anna - 25-35, Lucie's ex-lover, believes she has been infected with a parasite, has a history of mental illness.
[Read Excerpt]

Jester by Devlin Giroux
Marie - early 30's, has been confined to a mental hospital after having a miscarriage and attacking her husband.
Dr. Wallace - her psychiatrist, an older man in his 40s or 50s.
The Jester - Marie's hallucination, he is mute and communicates through pantomime. Dance or Movement experience preferred.
[Read Excerpt]

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