Thursday, November 7, 2013

News From Our Performers & Writers

Last night, we held our second edition of Fresh Blood at The Dressing Room Boutique & Bar, featuring plays by Trystin Bailey, Ria Hill, and Eric LaRocca. If you missed the fun - or you're just hungry for more - check out these upcoming events:
  • Aleks Merilo, writer of Bloody Mary, will see Sanguine Theatre Company premiere his new play Exit 37, November 7-10 & 13-17. 
  • Chelsea Holland is featured in M is for Mammary, a short film from the "The ABC's of Horror" competition, now available for viewing online.
  • Adriana Jones will be singing in And You Were Wonderful, a new musical production, November 8-10 at the National Academy Museum.
  • Molly Lisenco performs with her comedy group The Internet Disagrees With You, November 8 in Astoria. 
  • Elizabeth Weitzen stars in We Might Be Superheroes, a campy-fun web series by Amusement Films.
  • Lisa Huberman, writer of Ghost-Busted and Heart/Succor, will have her short Life Play read as part of New Light Theatre's Dark Room Series, November 14 & 15 at Access Theatre.
And, on the off-chance that you're in New Jersey and enjoy suspense plays, make sure you check out True Story by EM Lewis at Passage Theatre in Trenton, November 7-24.

If anyone has any short horror plays that are related to PROM, please send it immediately to: - The next edition of Fresh Blood will be on Wednesday, December 4, so check back for details, my little ghouls and goblins!


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