Thursday, August 29, 2013

News From Our Performers & Writers

It's a busy time of year for La Petite Morgue's actors and playwrights! In addition to the latest installment of FRESH BLOOD on September 4 at Happy Ending, these are a few shows this month featuring familiar faces:
  • Adriana Jones opens her one-woman show Vivien On the Rocks on September 5 at Theatre Row.
  • Amanda Berry is performing in The Oedipus Project with New Light Theater, September 5-15.
  • Lisa Huberman's LIFE PLAY premieres as part of the new competitive one-act festival at The Secret Theatre, September 6, 8, 13 & 15. Lisa is the author of Heart/Succor and Ghost-Busted, as well as an LPM guest-blogger.
  • Joe Brofcak's I Can Build You will be presented by the Endangered Artists Sanctuary, September 11-15 at the Producers Club. You may remember Joe's plays In Sickness, Endless Tomorrows, and/or The State. I Can Build You is directed by frequent-Fresh-Blooder Yuriy Pavlish, and the cast includes Joe Caintic and Aaron Kapner.
I also want to mention that The Dead Dream Machine is playing September 18 - October 13 at La Luz. Make sure you check it out - us horror people have to stick together.

Are you involved with a show this month in the NYC area that you'd like us to mention? Drop us a line at:

And don't forget to submit your ghostly new short plays for FRESH BLOOD: Conversations With Dead People. The deadline to submit is September 21, and the selected plays will be read on October 2.


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