Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ever since Chelsea and I went to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre together on February 14, 2004, I have tried to celebrate every Valentine's Day with a horror movie - often, with several. It probably began as an attempt to rebel against the established holiday by bitterly embracing my singledom, but I have continued the tradition even though I'm now in a relationship. (My fiancee loves zombie movies, so that helps.)

Several months ago when I wrote my Top 15 Horror Movies List, I included a little gem called Valentine. In my opinion, it is the perfect slasher flick to watch today - with a significant other, a good friend, or the stuffed alligator that your well-meaning friend gave you as a Valentine's Day pity gift. (He is eating a heart with his giant, pointy teeth!)

And remember:
"The journey of love is an arduous trek, 
My love grows for you as you bleed from your neck!"


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