Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Volunteer Zombies Needed for FRESH BLOOD

Do you practice your zombie face on your morning commute? Do you make zombie moans when you get up in the morning until you get some coffee? Do you go to Zombie Pub Crawls and Zombie Parades? 

 LA PETITE MORGUE needs volunteers for our FRESH BLOOD event on July 17! We need some creepy undead creatures of the night to scare the bejeesus out of our audience while handing out programs and tearing tickets. 

Image by Vince Templement - Copyright KAMELEON STUDIO

If you're interested, and available on the evening of July 17, please write a quick note to: lapetitemorgue@gmail.com - and if you have a picture of yourself in zombie make-up and garb, please send that as well. 

We will also happily consider other undead creatures of the night, such as vampires (non-sparkly kind only!), mummies, ghosts, skeletons, hell-beasts, and demons. You'll help us create a scary atmosphere for the readings, and you'll get to see some of the shows - and maybe even participate in one of them. We promise fun times, and a free Bloody Mary at the Post-Mortem Party. 

La Petite Morgue Presents FRESH BLOOD - Tuesday, July 17. 
Doors open at 7:30, shows begin at 8:00.
The Producers Club - Grand Theatre - 358 W. 44th Street, NYC.
Between 8th & 9th Avenues.
More information & tickets: http://lapetitemorgue.eventbrite.com


  1. Sounds fun. I will forward this to a few of my zombie friends in the area. Thanks.

  2. Thanks a lot, Jeffrey! We appreciate your help!