Friday, June 22, 2012

"Highly Gifted Amateurs"

"...I have nothing against gangsters, you understand. Some very delightful murders have been committed by professional criminals. By and large, however, the more interesting work in this field is done by amateurs. Highly gifted amateurs, but still amateurs. They are people who perform their work with dignity, good taste and originality, leavened with a sense of the grotesque."
-- Alfred Hitchcock in the preface to Twelve Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV
I didn't realize it until I actually counted, but all four plays being read at [Untitled] on Thursday - all four - feature murders. And none of the murderers are "professional" criminals, thugs, or lunatics. That's a big part of what makes them scary. These are murderers who could easily be the person sitting across from you on the subway, the dude you met at the bar last night, your husband, or your child...

Hitchcock was onto something.

Come to [Untitled] to hear the unspeakable horrors! And bring your friends! There's safety in numbers.

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