Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Hiding the Crazy" with Lisa Huberman

Next in our series of Playwright Interviews, we talked to Lisa Huberman, author of Heart/Succor.

We asked Lisa what her play is about. Her answer included: love (just kidding), survival, capitalism, traveling, and, the roles we play to keep people from realizing that we're - well, crazy...

We asked her what scared her as a child. Apparently she found the ending of The Little Mermaid quite terrifying. 

Perhaps most fascinating is her answer to what scares her now. Watch the video to find out.

This video also features footage from the recent reading at [Untitled]! Get a sneak peek at this "Strangers on a Train" horror play! Performances by Lisa Huberman herself as Mina, and Yuriy Pavlish as Roger, with Meghan-Sara Karre as Lavinia.


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